N  I  M     X  U  T  O
Community & Art Organizer

I believe that Culture and Art is one of an important element of the fabric of our community.  Through our diverse cultures, we are richer and stronger.  My work is about binding all cultures and the arts together to create ONE family that everyone shares their wealth and love.

I am using ART to break down stereotype and promote Equality and Equity in all sectors. All of us will benefit from all the cultures that everyone brings to our city. This work is very complex but my effort is to bring people together to learn from our differences. To continue to create strong human tribe.

My work as a consultant includes : - 

  • Facilitating multicultural meeting, bringing together diverse community leaders to meet and accomplishing common goal.
  • Producing Art and Cultural Events for cooperation, non-profit fund-raising, community gathering etc.
  • Curating and coordinating Art Exhibit for permanent or monthly art exhibit from diverse artists for office/organization space.
  • Organizing art/cultural workshop by artists/performers from diverse community living in Portland.
  • Organizing Individual/group Art Exhibit for professional artists.
  • Promoting artist, performers, small businesses by providing an advise on Marketing plan, creating website, setting up advertising plan, advising and designing announcement/business cards to individual artist and small business owners to meet your target customers and marketing goal. 

Nim Xuto
SUCCESS: Thriving as ONE communitiy