N  I  M     X  U  T  O
Community & Art Organizer

My work as a community organizer began in 2008 after my training at Center for Intercultural Organization. I bring together the diverse community to work together and get to know each other in deeper level by facilitating community meeting, coordinating art programs and producing Art and Cultural events.

By becoming one community, we are richer and stronger by our shared wealth and love.

Growing up in the diplomats and artists household, I am using diplomacy and ART to break down stereotype and promote Equality and Equity in all sectors. It is a very complex and challenging work but we must contribute what we can to continue this peace making process. 

My work as a consultant includes : - 

  • Facilitating multicultural meeting, bringing together diverse community leaders to meet and accomplishing common goal.
  • Producing Art and Cultural Events.
  • Curating and coordinating permanent or monthly Art Exhibit. 
  • Organizing art/cultural workshop by artists/performers from diverse community living in Portland.
  • Organizing Individual/group Art Exhibit for professional artists.
  • Promoting artist, performers, small businesses by providing an advise on Marketing plan, creating website, setting up advertising plan, advising and designing announcement/business cards to individual artist and small business owners to meet your target customers and marketing goal. 
  • Grant Writing.

Nim Xuto
SUCCESS: Thriving as ONE communitiy