N  I  M     X  U  T  O
Community & Art Organizer

My work as a community organizer began in 2008 after my training at Center for Intercultural Organization and Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization. I brought the diverse community together to work and get to know each other in deeper level by organizing cultural events, community meetings, and multi-ethnics art exhibitions.

By becoming ONE community, we are richer and stronger.

Growing up with my grandfather who was a diplomat and a father who was an artist, I us art to create community events aiming to break down stereotypes and promote equity and inclusion in our city.  At our events, we connect neighbors with all the services that they need during our events by bringing together the organizations that providing social services to our community.  

My recent work includes : - 

  • Interior designing buildings with art from Portland's diverse artists to create welcoming environment for ALL.
  • Facilitating multicultural meetings, bringing together diverse community leaders to meet and accomplishing common goals.
  • Producing Multi-ethnic Art and Cultural Events.
  • Curating and coordinating permanent or monthly Multi-ethinics Art Exhibit. 
  • Organizing art/cultural workshop by artists/performers from diverse community living in Portland.
  • Organizing Individual/group Art Exhibit for professional artists.
  • Promoting artist, performers, small businesses by providing an advise on Marketing plan, creating website, setting up advertising plan, advising and designing announcement/business cards for individual artist and small business owners to meet your target customers and marketing goal.