I was prohibited to study art when I was young back in Thailand therefore I went on to earn my Bachelor Degree in Marketing and Advertising.  

After painting and sketching in the dark during my earlier years, I decided to travel to the USA to study art and eventually spent years working as a professional artist and art educator.

In 2009, I co-found Colored Pencils Art and Culture Art and Culture Council, a Non-Profit Organization which it's mission is to facilitate cultural learning among diverse communities.  We brought together existing Portlanders and newly arriving immigrant and refugee families to dance, eat, recite poetries and showcase art at our monthly events. In 2017, I left the organization and served as an Event Producer for the City of Portland.

Since 2011, I have decorated community clinics in Portland, Beaverton and Gresham areas using original art work by artists from diverse community living in Portland to welcome their patients because when I was experiencing difficulty giving birth to my first born, I realized how important it was to create welcoming environment to ALL patients.