Arts Build Community Project

Due to the increasing numbers of diverse students in classrooms, Nim created "Art Build Community Project" to use art as tool to allow students from different backgrounds to learn about one another.

We begin our classes with Native American Cleansing Ceremony where students form a circle to share their stories and discuss the our art projects as ONE community. Then, we warm up by having students from different ethnicities pair together to work on quick community building games. 

Our projects are not only about learning art but learning about cultures of those who create art around the world.  By becoming ONE with their work, students gain confident as true artists.

Our "Group Critique" is the time when students learn how to appreciate art and learning from one another without any judgement.  By being in the present moment and learn as one community of artists, students create their VOICES through the work they create.

Nim Xuto
SUCCESS: Thriving as ONE communitiy