Community Building Project

Co-found the organization in 2009, Nim served as an Executive Director of Colored Pencils Art and Culture Council, from 2011-2016.  The non-profit organizagtion facilitate cultural learning among diverse community through art programs and events.

Partnering with leaders from diverse communities, government and small business owners, Nim brought together groups of people from all sectors and backgrounds to produce the most heart warming multi-cultural events and worked with the organization's diverse members of the board of directors, staff and volunteers. 

Two examples of Colored Pencils Art and Culture Events

In 2017 Nim served as an Event Producer for Summer free For All program of Portland Parks and Recreation, City of Portland. From facilitate meetings between City of Portland and stake holders in different neighborhood city-wide, Nim oversaw the planning , producing, staff and onsite superviing of over 40 events.  Nim participated in diversify of the programs and events and was a sole incharge of bringing all diverse Food Vendors to the events. Her focus was to see the City's service programs became inclusive.

Summer Free For All event at Hamilton Park
Where Nim invited the Pacific Islander community to perform before the Movie Moana.

For the first time in the City of Portland, Nim brought North Star Painted Sky, Native American Group to perform at Summer Free For All, Concert in the Park at the sacred Willamette Park.

Nim Xuto
SUCCESS: Thriving together as ONE community